Wooden worktops: Kitchens that are both stylish and classy

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and can make a property a major selling point. If you aren’t selling your house, a well-designed kitchen can increase its value and provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. If you are looking to update your kitchen’s design, choosing the right worktops for your new cabinets is one of your most important decisions. A walnut worktop will add style and class to your space. Walnut is a smart choice because of its many advantages. Walnut has seen a revival in interior design in recent years. This is even more reason to choose walnut for your home.

All things walnut

Walnut’s rich colour palette is warm and inviting. It has wavy patterns, varying hues and can be found in a variety of shades from dark and dusky to light-colored and golden. Walnut is a luxurious wood that accents kitchen worktops with ease due to its natural beauty. These patterns are unique and will make every kitchen unique, no matter how many you put together.

Walnut is durable and strong, making it an ideal work surface in kitchens. The wood’s incredible strength and stability is evident in the worktops it makes. Many kitchen companies can guarantee that sustainable walnut is sourced. It is worth looking at pictures of walnut worktops and visiting showrooms to get a better idea of the final look. A visualiser tool is also offered by some companies. This allows you to design your kitchen in your space, and then show you the final result. It’s a great way to see the beauty of walnut worktops before you buy them.

Care instructions

Wooden worktops require care and respect. You can avoid burning wood by using hot cups or pans. Instead, use a trivet to protect the wood. Avoid chopping wood directly on the top. Wood can also get scratched. You can mark the wood with a hand-held electrical sander, and then oil it with Danish oil. Oiling wood will seal it and prevent it from absorbing moisture. This can cause it to swell and eventually turn to rot. Drop some water on your surface to see if it needs oiling. If it turns into beads, then it is okay. If it sits flat, it’s time to treat it.

Chez vous

Walnut is a great material to use for your worktops if you want to host guests, cook food for the troops, or just relax with friends over coffee and homemade cakes. You can be confident that walnut will last for years, and it is also attractive and luxurious so you can show your friends and family. You can be the king of the castle in your own home.

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