Do You Hear Crackling or Popping Sounds from Your Vape?

You might find noises like popping and crackling annoying if you are new to vapour. Vape popping is typical in most cases.

Even the most experienced Wholesale Vaping Products need to be aware of sudden changes in vape sounds. These can be frustrating and cause serious problems. These are some suggestions about distinguishing between good and bad vape sounds.

What Is Vape Popping?

It is normal to hear a slight crackling sound. It’s the juice heating up and vaporising. It’s a sign that your e-cig is working correctly. Your e-liquid is heated by the coil and evaporates when you vape.

The Wattage/Voltage Level

Your vape wattage may be too low to efficiently allow e-liquid to be vaporised. Increase it to standard heating, or make longer draws. You could flood your atomiser with e-juice, and it will spit in your mouth. You can avoid this by increasing your device’s wattage.

What Is the Use of Vape Spitting?

Do you feel like you are spitting back while vaping? Because juice builds up on the coil, it does not evaporate. It is causing vapes to spit. This is because coils are flooded with too much liquid, low power settings, open airflow, and other factors. The liquid can spit out the same way as hot grease when frying bacon.

How To Prevent Vape Spitting


While priming coils is essential, some people put too much liquid on the coil or wick. Use a moderate amount of liquid to prime the coil.

Use Thicker Liquids

High Propylene Glycol Liquids are thinner and more likely to flood a coil than High Vegetable Glycerin Liquids. If you are constantly getting spit back, either reduce the amount of vegetable glycerin in your juice or switch to high-VG liquids.

Reduce the Airflow

Another reason coils can get flooded is due to deep drags. This problem is easily solved. You can solve this problem by using slower, shallower drags. You can adjust the airflow, but your drags must still be less than the airflow.

You Can Fire the Coils Without Inhaling

The coils will start to burn if you hold the firing button down. After a while, the extra juice will start to pop and sputter. The coils shouldn’t spit liquid after the popping and sputtering stops.

TIPS: Change the Drip

You can also change the drip tips by simply changing them. However, this is only possible if your tank doesn’t have an interchangeable drip tip. Some drip tips have air paths that are so angled that hot droplets can’t exit them.

Different E-Liquid Ingredients

You can fill your Celtic Vapours Wholesale with new e-juices. But thicker e-juices will produce more vapour. These e-liquids can cause coil flooding, atomiser popping and spitting. Thicker vegetable oil may be used in place of thinner propylene glycol.

A Coil Design

Twisted and braided coils are larger in surface area. This helps produce more vapour and can cause more popping sounds. These coils produce more e-liquid pops because they have more nooks and crannies.

The Final Word

All of the above factors can affect vape popping, crackling and spitting. This is due to the interaction between Trade E-Liquids and coil wire. Condensation vapour and other droplets can make a terrible noise and cause spitting. Enjoy the crackling sound of an operational vape. It’s like a fireplace on the fire. Check your vape mod if it gets irritating and your ‘electrically charged nerves’ are tingling.

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