CBD oil and depression

Major depressive illness is the leading cause and type of disability for Americans 15-44 years old. It affects about seven percent of Americans and more than 300 million worldwide. This condition can happen at any age. The average onset is 32.You can buy products from cbd shop.

Since antidepressant medicines were first made available in the 1950s there have been many alternatives, such as talk therapy or relaxation techniques. Medication stays to be a primary course of treatment but non-pharmaceutical treatment is important as up to 40% of patients with depression are “treatment-resistant” meaning their symptoms do not recover after trying a minimum of two antidepressant medicines.

Cannabidiol or CBD (cannabidiol) as a tool against depression is an area of particular interest for both researchers and consumers.

Research overview

Numerous animal models demonstrate that CBD may be able to produce very high levels of psychiatric properties. These include anti-anxiety as well as antidepressant-like qualities. These benefits may be linked to CBD’s potential effect on receptors.

A growing body research shows that depressive responses can be caused by deficiencies of the ENDOCANNOID system. Preclinical indication and clinical data advises that cannabinoid receptor signs may be an ideal target to develop new pharmacotherapy alternatives for anxiety and mood disorders.

The studies

Theyfound that the majority of antidepressant medicines have a significant therapeutic response time lag and are often very inefficient. The goal of the study was to examine whether CBD could have rapid but sustained antidepressant-like effect in male rodents who were genetically bred for depression-like symptoms.

One dose produced acute antidepressant symptoms within 30 minutes. The brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) also increased, which is a protein involved in mood disorders. Examinersdecided that CBD had a promising therapeutic potential as an antidepressant treatment.

Expert opinion

Centers medical director and a subject advisor for Weed maps – knows of cases where people have reported using CBD to treat depressive symptoms. Preclinical animal data shows that CBD can have antidepressant benefits. CBD revealed there are numerous stories of CBD being used successfully by patients with depression. However clinical trials in humans are lacking.

There are still many human studies to complete to truly understand the mood regulation benefits of CBD. CBD, with its strong safety index and positive preclinical data, holds promise as a therapeutic tool in managing depression. However, drug-drug interactions, along with issues of safety and tolerability, remain unsolved. CBD gelules should always only be used with the approval of a medical practitioner, especially in the management of mood disorders.

Bottom line

Anecdotal reports provide insight. Patients have reported feeling better after using CBD-rich marijuana products. These products have been used in increasing numbers to treat symptoms such as depression. Additionally, research has shown that cannabinoids may offer a more holistic, long-term treatment plan for those suffering from depression.


CBD has been proven to be an antidepressant like substance in preclinical animal experiments. However clinical trials are not yet underway. CBD may be an antidepressant agent, but further research is necessary in humans.

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