Chronograph Explained

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There are plenty of names involved when it comes to watches, it can sometimes make it confusing to know exactly what you’re purchasing. You may have heard the word Chronograph thrown around a few times when doing your research on watches, this word can be simply explained to make it easier for you when deciding which watch to purchase for yourself or a loved one.

Chronograph watches are known for being one of the most well crafted Men’s Watches on the market, they are intricate, can function as both a timepiece and stopwatch. They are also able to measure other things such as time, speed, distance and more. It takes a lot of delicate craftsmanship to create a Chronograph; they are hugely practical and were probably similar to a smart watch of its time.

The history behind the Chronograph watch is rather extraordinary; Louis Moinet is recognised as the first creator of the chronograph under the name of “Compteur de Tierces” in 1816, however there are other names reportedly in the mix for the creation of the mechanism. It was only around six years on, in 1822 where the word “Chronograph” was used for the mechanism.

Modern Chronographs differ to those that were created back in the 1800’s, however the overall concept of the Chronograph mechanism is the same. There are lots of new elements within the modern day Chronograph, the current set up is normally multiple dials on the face of the watch and around three buttons on the right hand side of the watch. The multiple dials on the face tend to measure different elements of time, so hours, minutes and seconds. The buttons on the right hand side work as start stop elements and a reset button.

The only thing that any watch needs to be called a Chronograph is a second set of hands that move separately to the timekeeping function of the watch. The workings on the inside are relatively similar to the workings of a Quartz watch with the main difference being the extra mechanisms that control the other functions in the watch. Chronographs keep the time like any other watch; however the Chronograph does have the extra functions that track other elements of time.

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