Tips For Maintaining Your New Eyewear

Prescription lens care is simple. If your glasses are not on your face, keep them in a case.

The problem is that not everyone follows this simple rule all the time. (You’re probably already aware of this.) These lens care and maintenance tips will help you maintain your healthy eyesight if, like many others, you don’t have a sturdy case for your prescription glasses.

Protecting your eyes and cleaning glasses

Eye care professionals recommend that you gently clean prescription eyeglass lenses with warm soapy water. Then rinse them and dry them with a soft, clean cloth. Microfiber cleaning cloths for lenses are available from many optical suppliers. They trap dirt and dust. Avoid rubbing prescription lenses using rags, tissue, or paper towels. They could scratch them. Avoid using household cleaners, cream soaps, or acetone on prescription lenses.

Strong storage case

Your lenses will be protected by a protective case when you’re not using them. Proper storage will help to protect your expensive frames and prescription eyeglass lenses. Protect prescription glasses from being lost or stolen by not storing them in a bag, purse, or pocket.

Allow them to go

It’s best to first close your prescription lenses before placing them on a table or desk. A vanity top or sink can cause damage to your lenses. Lenses can be easily stained by cosmetic products, sprays, and smears. Perfume and hairsprays can also cause damage to anti-reflective (AR), treatments.

Keep your robust sunglasses on your nose and not on top of your head. Prescription glasses lenses should be placed on your nose, in front of your eyes. Not on top of your head. If the frames are not properly positioned in front of your eyes, even the best lenses can be affected.

A proper alignment of your eyeglass frames is crucial. Many people don’t know this. It’s why your eye doctor double-checks the eyeglass frame position about your face size and shape. For perfect vision correction, the correct lens must be aligned properly in front of your eyes.

Care for your eyeglass frames

Please use both hands! To avoid misaligning your glasses or twisting them, eye care professionals recommend that you use both hands to put on and take off your glasses. With equal pressure, gently grasp the frame arms of your glasses and slide them on. To remove them, use the same grip and slide them forward and up.

Pay attention. When was the last time that you took a look at your frames? Check your eyeglass frames periodically to make sure they are aligned correctly and check for loose screws. If your glasses frame appears twisted or your lenses are slipping on your nose, it is time to visit your eye doctor for a free adjustment. You can also find inexpensive eyeglass toolsets at drug stores that include a small screwdriver, a variety of temple screws, and other emergency repair tools.

Adjust early and adjust often. To have your eyeglass frames adjusted, it’s a good idea for you to visit your local optician. No matter if you bought your glasses elsewhere, many opticians can re-adjust them. A slight adjustment can make a big difference in your sight.

Do not place your eyeglass frames on top of your head or the ground. The fastest way to break or twist your glasses is by stepping on them. The bathroom sink can also be a good place to get dirty lenses and frames. There are sturdy eyeglass frames that can withstand the elements.

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