Nominations from the Jewel Hut

Nomination Jewellery is known for itsgracefully unique design and impressive Italian craftsmanship. Founded in Italy in the 1980’s, the original Nomination bracelet was created to be uniquely composable to each and every individual.  Made from stainless steel with a spring mechanism, each bracelet can be changed and designed to please each and every person, making it the perfect addition to everyone’s jewellery box.

There are styles for both juniors andadults; Nomination has a bracelet for everyone. With the collection having a range of sizes and thousands of links to choose from to completely personalise the bracelet.There are options for both thelinks and elements of the bracelets to be in 9 and 18 carat Rose Gold and Gold, as well as Sterling Silver.Nomination has the ideal combination for you and your loved ones bracelets with the perfect individual style and fit you are looking for.

The brand is vastly known for its distinct bracelet design;however there are plenty of other options to add to your basket that will help you to stand out from the crowd. The choices range from chain necklaces, stud earrings, watches and even to stunning eternity rings, there is the ideal piece of Nomination jewellery to gift for every occasion.

Nomination bracelets are simple to create as a personalised gift or as a treat just for you. Simply chose your very first link and begin designing your composable and personalised bracelet from that step onwards. The links can vary from sporty, festive and even sentimental for those important milestones in life that you want to remember on a daily basis. If you love the Italian style shown within each individually designed link, you can continue to add to your jewellery collection by swapping in and out your links for every style and occasion.

With Nomination jewellery, there are always new ways to style your items. For instance there is always the option to stack the composable bracelet by adding the addition of a watch to the same wrist. The watches created have that same look and feel of the bracelet with a link designed strap that embraces a touch of classic elegance with the face design and shape, making it the perfect timepiece to sit alongside your other Nomination jewellery.

The different Nomination collections make it easy for you and your friends to show off your style, whether it be with the Glam collection to express your glamorous approach to jewellery with a different style of composable bracelet, personalise your simple chain necklace with the Seimia collection of charms or be the first to set a new trend with the Trendsetter collection of different statement bracelets, Nomination have every style of jewellery to fulfil you and your best friends needs.

Find that perfect gift for your Mum, Nan, Auntie, Daughter or your best friend this Christmas with Nomination jewellery. To shop the different Nomination collections and browse potential gifts for your loved ones, head over to our website the Jewel Hut.

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