Can We Do Grandparent DNA Testing in Place of Paternity Testing?

There are many times when it isn’t possible for parents to have DNA paternity test done because of valid reasons. In such circumstances, you can have a grandparent paternity test done to complete some legal process. The test helps to prove that the grandparent is related to the child. It is done to settle many legal matters like child custody, child support care, Social Security benefits and even to add name in the birth certificate of the child.

In innumerable cases, filed in divorce courts involving child, the alleged father isn’t present. However, for judging rightly the court needs to have evidence that relates the stated parent to be the biological father of the child. There are conditions regarding the DNA testing between grandparents grandchild for providing precise results.

Here are the facts to consider:

  • The grandparents should be related to the parent and not a stepparent.
  • Some well acclaimed testing centers involve mother in the testing process for more accuracy of the result.
  • Mostly it is useful to test both grandparent samples however in some cases one grandparent sample is enough to conduct the DNA test.

Many individuals prefer to use a grandparent DNA test kit at home for the paternity claim. However, they aren’t accepted in many courts in USA. They need to have the tests done by a third party that is neutral. It helps for non bias judgment of proving the person involved to be biological grandparent of their grandchild.

The tests are essential due to many reasons otherwise there is a possibility of denied legal rights to grandparents in interfering in their grandchild’s life. In some courts, it is mandatory to have evidence to prove they are the biological grandparents of the child for taking proper decisions regarding child welfare.

Benefits of grandparent DNA test:

  • It shows that the grandparents are genetically related to the child/children. It is required when any parent of the child isn’t available to show the statistic possibility of being the child’s biological parent.
  • Unfortunately a child loses their parents because of involved in mishaps. Court needs legal proof to know whether the people stating to be alleged grandparents of the child are blood related before providing the custody of the child to them.
  • Sometimes due to some reasons child identity is lost. There is a need to do legal proceedings of handing the assets of the child’s ancestors/grandparent/ parents/ relatives. The DNA test of both the child and the grandparent helps to identify their genetic uniformity.

The DNA test performed provides all the required paternity proofs approved by the court for processing further legal matters with ease. The test can be done on both paternal and maternal grandparents to understand the probability of their relationship. In some divorce cases, this kind of best grandparent DNA test proves to be most advantageous tool to force the alleged father to support child care.

You can anytime have a PaternityUSA grandparent DNA test done to gain accurate results in affordable price. The reports are accepted mostly in all courts of USA, thus no worries to prove that you are the biological grandparent to your grandchild.

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