Becoming A Tattoo Artist: What Is The Process?

A tattooist or body artist is the other name for a tattoo artist. The interest in tattoo designing has increased everywhere nowadays, especially in the UK. When it comes to tattoo artists, they use specialized equipment for tattooing their clients. Tattooing is a highly rewarding job. What skills are required to become a tattoo artist? Take a look below to know about them.

Some of the key skills required to become a tattoo artist are dexterity, artistic ability, creativity, persistence, dedication, passion, and paying attention to every detail. To become a tattoo artist, you don’t require any special academic qualification. However, having graphic designing skills or studies related to fine art can help in honing your drawing skills.

To become a tattooist, you need to complete a tattoo course or apprenticeship. You will also get a license for electrolysis and piercing with the apprenticeship. Additionally, you will require proof that you have had vaccinations against blood-borne viruses including hepatitis.

Earning Capacity

With tattoo apprentice, how much a tattoo artist can earn? Is it your question now? Read on to know about it. A tattoo artist will earn around £27,000 per annum in the UK. The hourly rates depend on their skills and experience. With more experience, their hourly rates will increase.

How to find the right tattoo academy?

There are many tattoo academies available everywhere nowadays. Some of them provide the best training to their clients, while some may not. To find the best academy for apprentice, you must do proper research online. Look at the client reviews of different academies to know which one offers the best training.

Tattoo Artist Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a tattoo artist include

  • The first thing they must do is, check the client’s identity proof. It is important to know whether the client has any medical issues or allergies.
  • Based on the requirements and requests of the client, you must create the artwork.
  • Know what kind of artwork the client is looking for.
  • The finished design must be traced onto the body of your client.
  • You must inform your client about the aftercare procedures. Let your client know what can be done and what cannot be done after the procedure.
  • After and before the procedure, you must sterilize all the equipment. It is important to maintain a cleaner environment at your tattoo studio.
  • You must also order new ink, needles, machine heads, and gloves.

When performing the procedure, it is highly essential to stay patient. Before you start the procedure, you need to make your client feel comfortable. Most people feel nervous before getting a tattoo done. Hence, it is essential to make them feel comfortable.

You need to stay cool when performing the procedure. You must stay stress-free always. Take feedback from your clients after completing the procedure. Take the suggestions from your clients. Work on their suggestions to become more popular and earn more. If you check online you will see a number of opportunities for tattooists. Concentrate on your training and hone your skills to get hired easily.

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